Wednesday, November 9, 2016

US Election 2016

Trump triumphs.

I remember budding scientists lamenting the loss of funds for scientific research back in the Bush era. Money was used for funding wars, they said. It  was as if some wanted to  bring  everyone down - to a certain basic business level. As if they had something against literacy, against higher studies, against art, humanity, its evolution, progress towards  better, equal world for all classes, races, sexes. That they were trying to produce and maintain a group of drones and peons for their massive corporate and military structures . It was a giant leap backward into the Middle Ages, where only a handful should enjoy the perks of being rich and powerful, and that included the Church. The servant should be happy and content being servants, and obey the Masters .I know I am being naiively idealistic, and I know all politicians are just that, in the end -- politicians. A skewed sense of morality and goodness is part of the game, the only difference being in degree and kind. For instance, neither party has done anything significant to stem the rising cost of higher education in this country, so as to make it accessible to everyone. And, successful businessmen in this world have to be even greater politicians if they want to succeed, I would think. Maybe that will work in America's favor with the new President.

However, I can't help being worried for that budding scientist, and artist now, boy and girl. I hope this is not a giant step backwards for America, and for the world which looks onto America, to imitate, to garner support for their own agendas. One thing I am sure about is that the Indian girl suffered a hefty loss. Sexism does not exist, many say around here and in India. Wake up, moms and dads, especially Indian, sexism, misogyny exists - is openly flaunted, in the name of religion, culture, and tradition, in countries like India. People like Trump become role models there, sadly, all for the wrong reasons. For, to them, he stands for fundamentalism, jingoism, racism, white supremacy, and a lot of other backward thinking attitudes. But why should Americans care, huh? As per Trump, and his followers, it is not America's problem. That kind of isolationism is scary. like someone said, (well, a character in a movie )with great power comes great responsibility. Being world police just for economic gains is, to say the least, irresponsible. Human rights is not just a catch phrase to be bandied about for one's own gains.

2008- Race won then, when the Democrats chose Obama over Hillary. Even then we heard sexist and ageist comments from Obama himself, and no one cared. I hoped that he would be a bridger of gaps, when he became President, and it was time, the race issue had to be addressed. Of course, in the current campaign,  she was dehumanized, as is the usual case, when women try to step out of their prescribed sphere, when any marginalized, and/or colonized being would attempt to become uppity. They are either burned at the stake, branded as witches, or crucified. Still, she fought valiantly. It is amazing how much fight she had in her, how much she wanted what she wanted, and how much she was ready to fight for, in this world run by men. I am awed by her tenacity, her persistence, and above all, her brilliant mind.

 I console myself, thinking they are all politicians, that they break up and make up for their own purposes. That they are all united in their race for success, money, and power.
The losers are the common people, generations of boys and girls. Humanity lost a chance to go forward. To that ideal world of inclusion, unity, equality and enlightenment. We lost the fight against bigotry, ignorance, and class. America blew a chance to make history, to be  role model for all the growing boys and girls of the world. But then, who knows! Ever the hopeful person that I am, maybe now that he has won, after having used every trick, every misogynistic, bigoted, exclusivist idea to woo and win a huge hate-filled section of this country, acting as if he was part of the servant class, when he assumes office, Trump, along with his Trumpets/Trumpettes, will show who he really is. Which side he will support, which country he will lean on, who he will put first, to serve his purpose, which, I hope, is as noble as he thinks it is. After all, it is all a show, and he is the greatest showman of them all!

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